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Luboš Brieda

Luboš Brieda, born 1980 Luboš Brieda was born in Brezno in central Slovakia in 1980 and grew up in nearby Banská Bystrica. His mother Katarina worked in the local dom kultury [House of Culture] as an event organizer and his father Peter was an economist…

Dagmar Benedik

You were getting closer to the border so the woods were there, but they were everywhere. So you could see them and that was a very scary thing. Probably not very much conversation going on in the car, not that I remember. I remember holding a doll and just sitting there, not knowing what was happening.

Michlean Amir

So anyway, this is what we did to prepare to go, and because of this terrible experience of flying from England after the War, I developed a very high fever and they had to postpone the trip to the last plane that left Czechoslovakia for Israel. The plane that we were supposed to go on was one that was shot at, and it fell over, I think, Bulgaria. So that forever was kind of a shock to us that we could have been on that plane.

Madeleine Albright

Madeleine Albright was born in Prague in 1937. Because of her father’s diplomatic career, Madeleine spent her childhood in Belgrade, London and Prague, and the family eventually claimed asylum in the United States following the Communist coup in 1948. After receiving her PhD from Columbia University, Madeleine became involved in politics – a career which culminated with her being named Secretary of State in 1997.