How to Support the
National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

When you support our mission, you help us celebrate life. Czech life. Slovak life. American life.

You help us provide relevant and innovative exhibits, programming, educational initiatives, and outreach that sustains our ability to keep telling stories of freedom and identity, family and community, human rights and dignity. Together we connect yesterday with today and tomorrow.

Support our mission through a tax-deductible donation that fits your lifestyle:

Monthly Giving

Monthly Giving

The benefits:

  • It’s hassle-free! We’ll automatically take care of your withdrawal so you won’t need to remember it.
  • This is an eco-friendly giving option. No printed forms and no postage involved!
  • An annual tax receipt each January, documenting cumulative gifts for the calendar year.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your monthly gift goes to a good cause.

Common Questions:

What is the NCSML Clockwork Donors program?

Our NCSML Clockwork Donors give to the NCSML on a monthly basis, allowing them to make smaller gifts over a longer period of time and making a large impact on the NCSML mission! The Clockwork Donors program is easy to use; just sign up on our Monthly Giving form, and we will begin your monthly withdrawals for the amount you set.

How do I sign up?

On our Monthly Giving Form, or by contacting Laura McGrath at 319-362-8500 x 205 or email development@ncsml.org to set up payment.

What if my credit card expires or changes?

If your credit card expires or changes, please call Laura McGrath at 319-362-8500 x 205 or email development@ncsml.org. If your credit card cannot be charged, we will send you a notice to update your information.

How can I give?

At this time, monthly giving is available on credit cards: Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express. Gifts of this kind must be at least $5 or more per month. The donor may choose to help cover the credit card processing cost, allowing 100 percent of their gift to go to the NCSML.

How can I change or stop my monthly giving?

You can change or stop your monthly giving any time. Simply contact the NCSML and notify us of your plans to cancel or change the amount your gift, and we will add the appropriate stop-date to your payments. Please contact Laura McGrath at 319-362-8500 x 205 or email development@ncsml.org.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Share your passion. Inspire others. Create your legacy.

Join the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library’s Legacy Society with the planned gift that supports the future of the NCSML’s mission. Most planned gifts offer a form of estate charitable tax deduction, and can be given as unrestricted or designated gift. We can work with you and your financial advisors to identify the best plan for you. Call us at 319-362-8500 or email development@ncsml.org to learn more.

Planned Giving Options

Any planned gift qualifies you for membership in the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library Legacy Society, which includes an invitation to an annual, exclusive brunch honoring those invested in our future.

Wills and Bequests: These are the easiest and most common legacy gifts, and usually involve naming the NCSML as a beneficiary in your will or trust. Types of bequests may include a specific amount or a specific asset, a percentage of your estate or trust, or the balance of your estate or trust after gifts to other beneficiaries have been made.

Charitable Remainder Trust: A legal trust is created providing you and/or your loved one(s) a regular fixed payment for a specified period of time or for life. Income, capital gains, and/or estates taxes can be reduced or eliminated. At the conclusion of the period of time, or upon your death, the remaining assets within the trust transfer to the NCSML.

Charitable Gift Annuity: This is similar to Charitable Trusts, but simpler. With a charitable gift annuity, you transfer cash or marketable securities to the NCSML and, in return, the NCSML issues an annuity contract to pay a fixed payment for life to you and/or your beneficiary. Upon your or your beneficiary’s death, the fund transfers to benefit the NCSML.

Gifts of Life Insurance: There are a number of ways to utilize life insurance as a planned giving tool. The most common include, but are not limited to, donating a policy’s accumulated cash value, listing the NCSML as a beneficiary, or assigning ownership of a policy listing the NCSML as that policy’s beneficiary.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock: Making a gift of appreciated securities can provide you with significant tax benefits. One benefit is that you do not pay the capital gains tax on the appreciation that otherwise would have been required had you first sold the stock and then made a cash gift.

Current Legacy Society Members

John (’17) and Joyce Anderson
Daniel Baldwin
Henrietta S. Bartizal * (’08)
Ed Baum
Robert Baumruk * (’13)
LeeAnn Benischek *
Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret *
Francis F. (’99) & Mary N. Bozanek (’16)
Terry L. Brosh *
Joanne * and Ernie Buresh *
Sandra J. Buresh * (’12)
Velma M. Burian (’09)
Marie Cada (’12)
Blanche Cuhel (’13)
Thomas and Elizabeth DeBoom
George L. * (’13) and Evelyn M. Dlask (’16)*
Joan Elliott-Green (’16)
Joyce Faltis
David and Joann Faribault
Veronica Hall Frost *
Donald * and Irene Hamous *
Margaret Haupt (’16)
Robert Hejkal
Paula Hughart
Alicia Dee Dvorak Jackson
Marie Jadrnicek (’13)
James and Sheri Jandik
Eleanor Jewett (’06)
Ray Jiruska (’07)
Kenneth L. * (’15) and Mildred M. Johnson * (’06)

Eugene and Beverly Kadlec
Kristine Kadlec
George * (’06) and Louise Kalous * (’12)
Robert F. and Janis L. Kazimour
Marianne Klinsky (’13)
Irene B. Konecny *
Anthony * and Cathy Korvas *
Edwin T. Kral (’07)
Grace Helen Krob (’09)
Margaret Rae Krska (’14)
John Albert Kuba *
David Kubicek
Theodore and Margaret Kubicek
Robert * and Caroline Kucharski * (’10)
Mary Jo Langer (’13)
Dr. Vera Laska * (’05)
Jirina M. Lavine (’15)
Roger (’00) and Thea Leslie
Doris S. Looney (’07)
George Machacek * (’07)
Gene * and Sharon Machacek *
James and Carolyn McAuliffe
Janelle Votroubek McClain
Ernest Melichar
Guenter (’13) and Donna Merkle
Ann Michaels
Wallace * (’17) and Betty Milden * (’10)
Frank * and Cheryle Mitvalsky *
Leo * (’11) and Irma Modracek * (’08)
Isabel D. Morrison *

Gail and Dennis Naughton
George J. (Max) Naxera, Jr. * (’10)
Janice (’17) and Victor Naxera
Duane M. and Kay Nesetril
Jerry Netolicky (’12)
Margaret Netolicky (’15)
Frank W. Novotny * (’04)
Deborah O’Connor
Milo Pecina (’06)
Robert Petrik
Henrietta Bartizal Pons
Marc-Andre Pons
Marv and Bonnie Rohlena
Jack * and Jackie Roland * (’09)
Gary R. Rozek
Carolyn Shimek (’11)
William D. Severa
Kyle Skogman
Ray Snitil
Merle Sykora
Leni Lee Stastny (’13)
Ben H. Thieme *
Robert and Rita Tomanek
Edward J * (’05) and Carol Vavra *
Dorothy Votroubek
Doug and Lori Wenzel
Jason and Leslie Wright
Gary Zabokrtsky
Leora E. Zahorik * (’18)
Jerome * (’18) and Anna M. * (’18) Zajíc
Arlston Joseph (A.J.) * (’10) and
Marge Ziskovsky *

*Denotes Charter Member.

President’s Society

President's Society

The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library is grateful for the support of its annual giving society members. President’s Society members support the NCSML’s ambitious programming, world-class exhibitions, and educational initiatives.

The President’s Society honors those individuals who give $1,000 or more annually to support the mission and programs of the NCSML. Members of the President’s Society will receive an invitation to the President’s Society Preciosa Gala scheduled in the spring of each year.

This Society is the museum’s chance to recognize and show appreciation for the members and donors who support the NCSML at this highest levels. The Society offers unique benefits above and beyond those of the average donor or member, and our hope is that Society members find this society meaningful and informative.

President’s Society Members 2019

The Honorable Secretary Madeleine Albright
Joyce Anderson
Roger and Angie Baker
Paul and Susan Bazelides
Robert and Diane Handler Becker
Michael Bertini
Chris and Michele Burke
Raymond Capek
David and Lijun Chadima
Mary Chesebro
Terri Christoffersen
Sharon Curtis
JoAn Dake Mann
Tom and Beth DeBoom
William and Mary Ann Vorisek Dilla
George and Beth Drost
Fritz Duda
JoFran Falcon
David and Jody Filipi
M.L. Folkedahl-Meehleder
Lee Freeman
Terry and Carey Downs Gibson
Steve and LeeAnn Benischek Groner
Don and Irene Hamous
Dr. and Mrs. Charles and Susan Heller
Karen Helwig
Mary Hlavin
John and Vicki Huntington
James and Sheri Jandik
Paul Jasa
Rod Jiruska
Donald Jones
Eugene and Bev Kadlec

Thomas and Le Ann Kadlec
Dr. Kim Kazimour
Robert F. and Janis L. Kazimour
Shea and Emily Kelly
Janet and Monte Klein
Tim Klima
Roger Kodat
Dr. Anthony and Cathy Korvas
John and Wende Kotouc
Lisa Lepic
Vera and Kenneth Ludwigsen
Milan Maliarik
Richard and Sally Spacek May
Janelle and George McClain
Pat and Mary Kay McGrath
Ernest and Rose Marie Melichar
Steven Michalicek
Jim and Rose Milden
Dick and Kate Minette
Frank and Cheryle Mitvalsky
Lester and Judith Munson
Duane and Kay Nesetril
Tom and Betty Novak
Ron and Sue Plotz Olson
John and Yvonee Palka
Charles Peters
Dr. Robert Petrik
Dr. Zuzana Plesa
Henrietta Pons
Margaret Probasco
Eliot and Barbara Protsch
David and Miriam Potocky-Tripodi Rafaidus

Debbie Reynolds
Danielle and Randy Rings
David Ripley
Cecilia Rokusek
Jeff and Nancy Roland
Steven Rowe
Gary and Cathy Rozek
Joseph Rozek
Barbara Schmitz
Deborah Sedlacek
Michael Seng
William Severa
Kyle and Susan Skogman
Dyan and John Smith
Tom and Amy Stanczyk
R. Vladimir Steffel
Lavaughn Stolba
Ludvik and Katherine Svoboda
Merle Sykora
Terry and Lisa Winterberg Tesar
Robert and Rita Tomanek
Lida Urbanek
Martin Valko
Craig and Anita Van Dyke
Carol Vavra
Heather and Jason Vestweber
Dr. and Mrs. Jan and Marcia Vilcek
Doug and Lori S. Wenzel
Peter and Cynthia Winkler
Neil Winston
Marge Ziskovsky
Steve Zlatos

As of 5/30/19

Dedication Paver
Paver $250

Celebrate important people in your life at an organization that celebrates life. This is a perfect place to honor relatives, family members, teachers, friends and others you admire, appreciate and love.

Honor others by placing their names among the pavers in the NCSML Heritage Garden. Pavers ordered after May 20, 2020 will be installed Spring 2021. Limit of 35 characters, including spaces, per line and three lines.

Wall of Tribute Plaque Listing $500

Have your loved one’s name join the others who have been honored on our Wall of Tribute or share an important message of pride and love here.

Add your chosen names to the NCSML Wall of Tribute Plaque located in Founder’s Hall. Limit of 35 characters, including spaces, per line and three lines.

Friends of Sleger House $500

Honor your ancestors of any cultural background at Sleger Home as a commemoration to the courage, hope and commitment they exhibited to make a new life in America.

Associate your name or that of a loved one with the popular Sleger Immigrant Home. The Friends fund will support the maintenance of this important historic artifact.

theater seat
Theater Seat $1000
(30 available)

Choose this special gathering place at the NCSML to honor someone in the place where guests and visitors watch movies and presentations.

NCSML Theater Seat dedications have a special price during the Dedication Drive. Less than 30 seats are available for naming. Limit of 35 characters, including spaces, per line and three lines.

Picnic Table $2500
(Six available)

Think of that special person for whom sitting outside brought them joy, or for whom picnics held fond memories.

Six picnic tables are available as dedication opportunities. They will be installed Spring 2020. Limit of 35 characters, including spaces, per line and three lines.

Slovo Magazine Sponsorship $10,000
(One available per issue; two issues per year)

Our premier magazine is a unique and special place to honor your family, loved ones, organization or culture with a special message specially designed for you as the back cover of an issue.

You get the full back cover to honor someone special. A professional designer will create a cover you will be proud of. You will also receive a framed set of the front and back covers of your issue. All members receive this award-winning magazine. Contact us for upcoming issue themes to align with honorees’ story.

Skala Bartizal Library
Gift of Accessibility $12,500
(One available)

The freedom to learn, experience and appreciate culture, art and history is something that comes with accessibility. Honor someone whose spirit, commitment to freedom, or awareness of accessibility issues deserves recognition.

Honor someone’s commitment to mobility, accessibility and freedom by sponsoring automatic doors to the library and other NCSML spaces. Your honoree and a special dedication message will be displayed near the library.


Your continued support of our mission through these difficult times has been invaluable. We are committed to the safety of our visitors, volunteers, and staff throughout our reopening. Your donation ensures the continuation of our excellent exhibits, education programs, and community events. Donate today!