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Thoughts and Musings

Thoughts and Musings

As I listened to Kevin McNamara deliver his presentation based on his book Dreams of a Great Small Nation, which is based on the Czechoslovak Legion’s achievements on the Trans-Siberian railway during…
Cedar Rapids Wedding Venue

Guest Columnist

By Sarah van Deest, Director of Event Services Growing up, I never attended weddings. Not a single one until my senior year of college, when my roommate’s brother got married and a…
Guts & Glory

Museum Doings

A century ago, a nation was born; a half-century ago it was invaded for having the audacity to want freedom for its people; and, just over a quarter-century ago it boldly claimed…
Tony and Cathy Korvas

Stories of Generosity

The Korvas Family: Helping People Help People Help the Museum Tony and Cathy Korvas believe in the traditions and stories about Czechoslovakia they heard from their parents. So much so, they started…

Museum Doings

As soon as I read the job description for the national development officer position, I knew this was the job for me. Celebrating life, sharing stories, and amplifying the call for freedom…