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Thoughts and Musings

“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” Ralph Waldo Emerson The NCSML holds an annual brunch for its Legacy Society members, those who have committed to including the organization…

Stories of Generosity

She first visited the NCSML the year its collections were moved to a commercial building on the current museum campus with the intention of making them permanently available in public exhibition. That…

Museum Doings

It’s summer, which means the NCSML is constantly humming with activity. There is a great exhibition about the War Train of World War I, late night activities, free opportunities for families to…
Dave Muhlena, Library Director

Guest Columnist

By Dave Muhlena, Library Director One of the most familiar faces at the NCSML is that of Dave Muhlena, director of the Skala Bartizal Library. His longevity and contact with visitors provides…

Guest Columnist

The NCSML’s president/CEO has had an incredible tenure of leadership and service covering nearly 16 years. On the eve of her retirement, she shares what is at the core of the organization’s…
History on the 8's

Museum Doings

It is sadly so far off the mark that one has to wonder how it ever could have been said:  “The war to end all wars.” Though attributed most often to President…