From Dion’s Desk… and Beyond

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Guest Columnist

By Teresa Stenstrup, Director of Programs Programs and activities are not just for those who want to remember “being there” when historical events happened. Learn how our director of programs views the…

Stories of Generosity

While chatting on the phone with member/donor/proud Czech joAn Dake Mann, she referenced how a relative “began to understand what the museum [NCSML] means.” I noted the interesting phrase and asked her…

Guest Columnist

By Stefanie Kohn, Curator Overseeing the active exhibition schedule of the NCSML inspires our long-time curator as she uses history, art, and power tools to engage and inspire visitors. Read her views…
Thoughts and Musings

Thoughts and Musings

Colleen lives in Minnesota and is a regular reader of this newsletter. Last month’s polka reference in the Culture and Connections prompted her to write to me about her journey of exploring her heritage. (Have I…