Twists and Turns: The Story of Sokol

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Open June 3 – December 31, 2017


In honor of the 2017 National Sokol Slet, the NCSML presents a nimble and invigorating journey into the story of Sokol. Named for the falcon, Sokol was founded in 1862 by Miroslav Tyrs and Jindrich Fugner. They believed that a nation must be physically fit, moral, and intelligent to secure its independence and retain it. The first American Sokol unit was founded in 1865 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Twists and Turns pays homage to the amazing men and women who made Sokol a part of their lives. The exhibit also recounts the perilous times throughout Czechoslovak history when Sokol was banned by various oppressive governments, and how a nation of immigrants across the ocean used Sokol to build strong American communities.



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