Rising Above

The Flood Exhibit

Kosek Building


September 12, 2013

Exhibit, Experience, Historical, Past Exhibits

Located in Czech Village in the Kosek Building! Experience this exciting multimedia exhibition, Rising Above: The Story of a People and the Flood. Take some time to learn about the Czechs and Slovaks who came to Cedar Rapids and overcame wave after wave of adversity as they left their homeland and forged their destinies in the New World. This multimedia exhibition tells the story of these resilient people who settled a fertile bend in the Cedar River and established a thriving ethnic community–one they would fight to keep.


Additionally, news stories, video and eye-witness accounts carry visitors through the dramatic experience of the Flood of 2008–culminating in a walk-in model of a flooded home. Interactive kiosks display current news coverage of ongoing recovery efforts and provide opportunities to share personal memories, stories and insights.