The Lost World Of Subcarpathian Rus’

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The Lost World Of Subcarpathian Rus’

January – March 18, 2016

The Searching Lens of Rudolf Hůlka

The Czech National Library contains many unique and unpublished collections. Numbered among these treasures are the recently discovered color slides, photographic prints and glass plate negatives (dating principally from the early 1920s) of Rudolf Hůlka (l887-l961), a Czech economic official by profession. Hůlka documented the extraordinary mixture of ethnic, linguistic, and religious identities, living amidst abject poverty, that characterized interwar Subcarpathian Rus’. This region would soon experience the wrenching changes associated with World War II, the onset of Soviet rule, and the consequent integration of this region with Ukraine. Exhibit on loan from Columbia University Libraries.

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