Education Opportunities


The NCSML provides a multicultural adventure, connecting students to the larger, global community in a personal manner.


What We Offer

  • Maňa: One Girl’s Story, A comprehensive experience geared for elementary school students studying immigration. Those living close enough to visit can schedule an onsite study trip. Anyone can access the lesson plans and resources for their classroom here.
  • Customized onsite study trips for pre-K through college students, designed to enrich teachers’ curriculum.
  • Resources for educators and parents on Czech history, traditions, and culture
  • Opportunities for community education and professional development.
Book a Study Trip Maňa Curriculum 68.77.89 Curriculum

About the Education Team


Nic Hartmann

Director of Learning & Civic Engagement
(Human Rights Education Specialist)

Nic received a BA in Anthropology and Folklore at Indiana University, an MA in Folk Studies at Western Kentucky University, and a PhD in Folklore from Memorial University. He develops educational programming and works to create collaborations between NCSML and area educational institutions.

Sarah Henderson

K-12 Learning Specialist

Sarah Henderson holds a duel Bachelors degree in Art History and Anthropology from Grinnell College. She also holds a Masters degree from Georgetown University in Art History and Museum Studies. Sarah works to deepen the museum’s connection to the community through accessibility and increasing partnerships.