The NCSML publishes a bi-annual journal, Slovo and a newsletter, MOST, which is published twice a year.

We are a museum that celebrates life. Czech life. Slovak life. American life. We are a museum that encourages self-discovery, a museum that asks what it means to be free. Through extraordinary exhibitions and experiences, we tell stories of freedom and identity, family and community, human rights and dignity. Our stories connect yesterday with today and tomorrow.

A few days ago I wrote to you about Slovo and that you should be commended for the excellent job. I was wrong. I just finished reading both issues; they are not excellent…..they are superb.

– NCSML member Jerome C. Zajic,
of Homosassa, Florida


Published in English by the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library for its members, Slovo comes to your home twice a year with articles, book reviews and items from the NCSML collections that highlight various aspects of Czech and Slovak history and culture.

Click on the following links to read full-length versions of two stories included in our Summer 2016 issue of Slovo dedicated to exploring the rich history of the Carpatho-Rusyn people.

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Most: The Bridge

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