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Guest Columnist

By Becky Robinson, Development & Fundraising Events Manager If the NCSML has an event to raise funds, you can be sure that Becky Robinson is behind it. To her, the events are…

Museum Doings

BrewNost is Sept. 14, but there are many events in August and September to get you in the spirit. Events at Iowa Brewing Company and Thew Brewing Company are sure to be…

Stories of Generosity

You’ll find a lot of names on the NCSML web site. They represent the generosity and commitment of those who make the NCSML’s mission and vision achievable. Individuals, businesses, and foundations provide…

Build your legacy at the NCSML

Rita Jelinek and her family began building a legacy with the NCSML in 2016. We asked her to tell us a little bit about why she chose to make dedications for family…