May 2016


Heritage veggies in progress!

The Czech and Slovak Heritage Garden on the lawn of the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library is under way! Museum staff began preparing the garden plot in 2015 by spreading compost and growing a cover crop of organic buckwheat and radish. This spring,…

Guest blog post: an Art Collector’s Journey

Currently in the Anderson Gallery now through May 31, Mysterious Line: Works by Borek Bayer, is on loan from George T. Drost, Vice Chair of the NCSML Board of Trustees. Mr. Drost offered to share some of the history behind his foray into art collecting….

Get a sneak peek of our Warhol exhibit!

Andy Warhol was arguably the most documented artist of the 20th century. He was a Pop Art icon, eccentric celebrity, sugary food lover, high fashion model and Campbell’s Soup fanatic. What may be less known is that Warhol was the son of Carpatho-Rusyn immigrants from…