NCSML Strategic Plan


In the next five years, the NCSML will intensify its embedded-ness and social impact. Every person we touch will have an experience that promotes an understanding of their connection to the world and to each other.

Strategic Priority I: Celebrate History and Culture

Immerse people in the richness of Czech and Slovak culture.

Strategic Priority II: Connect to Stories of Freedom and Human Dignity

Make a lasting impact on the education of global citizens by connecting to the lessons of Czech and Slovak history.

Strategic Priority III: Become Embedded in Community

Meet real needs that reflect authentic community priorities and increase our social impact.

Strategic Priority IV: Engage Families

Position the NCSML as a family friendly destination in Cedar Rapids.

Strategic Priority V: Enhance Performance

Adopt a high-performance operational and business model.

Strategic Plan PDF

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Our vision for the future is big.

It’s sure to raise some questions. Read below to find out more.


Why is a new strategic plan needed?
How are you going to do that?
Why the focus on human rights?
What will you achieve?
What's in it for the local audience?