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Links and Resources

Are you unfamiliar with a term or a person mentioned in our interviews? Then look at our oral history glossary here.

Here are a number of links to institutions and projects dealing with similar subject matter to the NCSML in Recording Voices & Documenting Memories of Czech & Slovak Americans:

is a Czech-based oral history project which captures and preserves the stories of individuals imprisoned during the Stalinist era. The organization believes that "former political prisoners are living witnesses of the past whose stories should not be heard on anniversaries alone." The project website presents interviews and resources in both Czech and English.

is a project organized by Czech Radio to mark 60 years since the first Czechoslovak newsroom broadcast on Radio Free Europe. The project's website is in both Czech and English and includes archive recordings, an interactive timeline, and recent interviews with both former broadcasters and listeners. 

The Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes' mission is to study the period when there was a lack of freedom in Czechoslovakia. The establishment houses secret police documents from the Communist era. On the institute’s website, you can read publications in English and watch oral history clips.