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Donating Library Materials

The Skala Bartizal Library accepts materials that enhance the understanding of Czech and Slovak history and culture, especially materials created by, for and about Czechs, Slovaks, Czech-Americans and Slovak-Americans.

Library materials collected include, but are not limited to:

  • Print materials - Books and pamphlets; Periodicals, newspapers, newsletters, and ephemera; Sheet music
  • Graphic materials - Photographs, maps, posters, and postcards
  • Archival materials - Manuscripts; Personal papers; Organizational records
  • Audiovisual materials - Musical recordings; Films and videos; Oral histories
How do I donate library materials to the Skala Bartizal Library?

The process of donating items to the Skala Bartizal Library is quite simple and is as follows:

1. Contact the library director to describe the donation offer. This provides library staff an opportunity to make sure the offer is within the scope of the library's collection policy and that the items do not duplicate current holdings. The donor  may be asked to provide a list detailing the materials that are being offered.

2. Arrange for delivery of the items to the library. Donations may be delivered to the library in person or sent via standard U.S. mail or other delivery service.

3. Certificate of Gift. Items accepted by the library will be documented in a Certificate of Gift which transfers legal ownership of the items to the NCSML. The NCSML has a formal policy that outlines strict guidelines for how items in the collection are dealt with. A copy of this document is available upon request.

4. Additional information is appreciated. Items of a personal nature (such as letters, photographs, etc.) often have unique stories associated with them. Please provide as much of this information to the the library staff as possible; this information will be noted in the Certificate of Gift.

To inquire about donating materials, contact David Muhlena, library director, at (319) 362-8500 x202 or