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Memorials & Tributes

Here are just a few occasions by which you may honor a friend or family member:
• Birthdays
• Wedding anniversaries
• Deaths and anniversaries of passing
• Memorial Day remembrances
• Gratitude
• Special achievement
Personalized Notification
• Tributes and Memorials are recognized with a letter sent to the honoree or his or her family.
• The letter makes no reference to the size of your gift.
• In addition, you will receive a letter of thanks, acknowledging your tax-deductible gift.

Your gift helps ensure that the name of your loved one and the achievements of the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library will live on. Through your gift, future generations will know and cherish Czech and Slovak heritage.

The Wall of Tribute
Memorial or tribute gifts of $500 or more are recognized on the Wall of Tribute that was originally to be found in the Roman Hruska Grand Hall at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library. The Wall of Tribute was salvaged after the flood and has been re-installed in our new facility.

On the Wall of Tribute, a large wooden plaque displays brass plates inscribed with the names of those honored by family and friends.

This permanent inscription will forever record your lasting tribute to your loved ones.

In Loving Memory--Your Loved Ones Will be Remembered and So Will You.

To honor a friend or loved one, please print the Wall of Memory form, fill out all necessary information, and return the forms with your check to:
National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library 1400 Inspiration Place SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Suggestions for Wall of Memory Inscriptions
In loving memory of
Martin Dvorak
proud of his Bohemian heritage

In memory of 'Babi"
Mary Alice Dvorak Smith
by her grandchildren

In honor of Martin & Mary Dvorak
who came to America in 1948

In honor of our parents
Bohumil and Sylva Petrik
by Mary, Frank & Jane

In memory of
Frank & Mary Jedlicka Smith
1920-2002 1922-2003

For more information about special memorial or tributes
Contact the Vice President for Development, Jason Wright at or by phone at 319-362-8500.

Listed are the names of those who have been honored or memorialized by a gift to the
 National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library in 2013

In appreciation of:
Sher Jasperse
Betsey McCalley

In honor of:

Mr. and Mrs. Ed and Pat Babor
Grayce Susan Burian
Amy Jo Carbaugh
Helen Skalicky Christophersen
Helen Christophersen
Margaret Bodrog Deak
Joseph F. and Virginia K. Dolezal
Lizzie Drazan
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Dupre
Theresa Elworth
Marilyn Estill
Jean Gerbert
Women at the Guaranty Bank Beaver Avenue Location
Adolph Havlik
Richard Homa
Besse Janda
The Kazimour and Stodola Families
Mary Kohut
David J. Lass, Sr.
Cynthia Pokorny Martinez and Dave Winter
Janelle McClain
Matt Novak
Laverne Phillips
Louis and Mary Picek
Robert Rayman
Alice and Michael Skelnar
Texas Czechs
Anna R. Valloric
Anthon Vanicek

In memory of:
Roberta B. Acree
Rose Albrecht
Alice Anderson
Uncle Arnold
Cheryl Aucutt
Tom C. Barber
Henrietta Bartizal
Simon J. Bartos (10/28/34 - 11/11/2012)
Katherine Bartusek
Bohumir Benes
Wilma Benish
Mary LoJan Blando
Ladislaus J. Bolchazy
Sasha Borkovec
Alexej Borkovec
Francis F. Bozanek
Anna Brychta
Lloyd V. Buresh
Sandy Buresh
John and Jack Capek
Alan Cerny
Helene Cerny
Donald Christophersen
Frank and Mary Chvojka
My Czech Ancestors
Dick Damrow
Eleanor Combs David
Eduard and Marie Dellin
George Dlask
Josef Dobrvska Schejbal
Bessie Doupnik Dochterman
Olga Drahozal
Mary Hruska Drews
Jason S. Drozd
Francis Dubishar
George Duvall
Col. E. A. Dvorak
Edwin and Ann Dvorak
Emerson Ballon Ehernberger
Louis Elias
Milo and Rose Mary Erenberger
Marge Fitzsimmons
Sharon Kay (Banowetz) Flesher
Frank and Marie Frantik
Glynna W. Freeman
Cap. Cecil Goode
Cecil L. Goode
memory of our grandparents
Karlicza and Josef Gregaz
Martha Womochil Grier
Frank and Mildred Grosser
Lillian Hall
Bryan Hensch
Mary Ann (Machacek) Hockin
Norman Holub
Bohumil and Gabriella Horalik
Milada V. Horna
Margaret Hudak
The Hudak Family
Duane Humlicek
The Hurka Family - Victor, Eleanor, Rudolph
Vaclav Hybnar
Charles Jadrnicek
Maureen Janda
Marilyn Jandik
David Jansa
Louise Jebousek
Louis Jedlicka
Robert C. Kacena
President Kennedy
Anastasia Maly Koch
Joe and Agnes Kodesh
Rose and Frank Konecky
Ernest W. Kopal
Rose and Lumir Kopecky
Helen Kopfle
Anton and Josefa Korvas
Paul Kosek
Edward Kotras
Barbara Kotras
Mildred and Georgiana Kucera
Mardy Kurka
Anna and Paul Kuvicek
Pauline Kuvicek
Roger Leslie
Past Members (Lodge Queensdale CSA No. 422)(
Matthew and Helen Lorenc
George Machacek
Evelyn A. Maciejewsky
Dr. Walter Marek
Mary Doupnik Markham
Gloria McConkey
Phyllis Melichar
Guenter Merkle
Edith Mikula
Robert S. Miller
Helen Milosovic
Frank and Cecilia Milosovic
Leo A. Modracek
Jim and Charlotte Mohr
Libbie Musil
Max Naxera
William Novak II
Pauline Novotny
Joe Novotny
Libby Orend
Donald Pech
Frank J. Pesek and Agnes Pesek
Raphael Pisarik
Lorraine Potuzak
Harriette Rayman
Charles and Tillie Rohlena
Irma and Joe Rozek
Ella Samek and Family
Mary Kubicek Schley
Glenn M. Schuller
Marie Sebesta
Marie Sebesta
Fred Seda
Emilie and Joseph Secvu
Shupitar's and Novak's
Bob Skvor
Anton and Robert Smunt Families
Raphael Snitil
Ludmilla and Louis Solfronk
Catherine and Frank Solfronk
Frances Barbara Sonka
Marie and Jerry Soucek
Patricia Sperl
Marcia Kopecky Stark
Leni Stastny
Milton and Emma Stefl
Roy and Betty Stepanek
Burt Stepanek
Vendal and Anna Strpko
Svehla Family
Wilma Teply
Blair Thornbloom
Bertha Tomaska
Arlene Topinka
Lenora and Lumir Truhlar
Anton Vanicek
Velma Vanicek Flynn
Elizabeth Vanicek
John Vanicek
Otoo Vanicek
Anton Jr. Vanicek
Robert E. Vanourny
Joseph R. and Libby A. Vavra
Harriet Veverka
Ralph M. Vittengl
Bruce Vodraska
Phillip Vojvodich
Jack John Vojvodich
Emil and Dorothy Votroubek
Edith Chadima Waters
Edith Ard Waters
Irene Kroupa Whiting
Edwin Zahorik
Robert F. Zenishek

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