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Song and Dance

Ta Naše Písnička Ceská (That Czech Song of Ours)

By Karel Hasler

Ty naše písničky, jsou jak ty perličky, na šnůrce navlečené.
Tolik je krásy vnich, a je to velký hřích, že jsou tak utlačené.

Ta naše písnička česká, ta je tak hezká, tak hezká.
Tak jako na louce kytička, vyrostla tá naše písnička.
Až se ta písnička ztratí, pak už nic nebudem mít.
Jestly nám zahyne, všechno s ni pomine, potom už nebudem žít.

Our songs are as bright and bring as much delight
As glist’ning pearls on a strand.
Beauty lies in each song, and tis a grievous wrong,
That they’re oppressing in their land.

Our Czech songs are so endearing. They are so sweetly alluring.
Just as a flow’r that blooms in the spring,
Blossomed our songs to a joyous swing.
And if we should lose this flower, nothing in life will remain.
And if our songs perish, we’d lose all we cherish;
Living will then be in vain.